Server, Hardware & Software Maintenance

As a provider of networking, software and telecommunication services and equipment, we are aware of the importance of servers for businesses. We will work with your IT team to ensure that there are no crashes or downtimes that can impact your company’s growth.

Install new software or check for updates as required

We Ensure your PC meets the framework prerequisites of the program, game, or utility you are endeavoring to introduce.

Check server log files

Our group will assist you with accessing the worker log records.

Update OS & install patches

Security fixes and refreshes happen oftentimes. We assist you with refreshing OS and introduce patches

Monitor hardware and software

Impact solutions provides,The best
hardware monitoring tools
and software

Install antivirus updates

We Productively Install antivirus software in a controlled way alongside
improved data transmission utilization.

Check network security

Impact provides reliable networks also for harsh environments & redundant network structures.

We will:

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