Your company requires the latest technology hardware to deliver world-class solutions to clients. This is where we step in.We will look at your business requirements and come up with an IT hardware plan to ensure that your staff has the required computing equipment to deliver solutions.

Personal Computers

impact solutions will help you acquire the most updated software for your business.

Networking equipment

Impact solutions provides network equipments leasing which will get your PCs updated, and at low rates.


Impact provides telecom leasing which is accessible for low expense hardware for many customers for a long time.


Impact gives associations the alternative to lease different laptops at low rates.

Multimedia equipment

Impact solutions offers leasing that is expected to guarantee a totally working interactive media media equipment.


Routers are used to create local networks of devices. These local networks are useful if you want to share files among devices.

We provide the following on leasing:

We also provide smartphones on lease that can be used by your employees as company phones. All of the above will be available at nominal prices to ensure your business is run in the most cost-effective possible manner

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