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Email in regards to photo editing, then the first thing that comes to my head is Photoshop. Photoshop is the next name of creativity. Photo manipulation be one of the funniest things that you could do with Photoshop. Of course, a person ought to have a great deal of patience and time to create some truly stunning art, but it’s well worth a try. Now, I have collected 50 good photo manipulation tutorials, that will teach you lots of new features. Here, you will find tutorials on how to combine photos and brushes, and use textures, create light-leaks along with other high tech elements, mix the components on a suitable background and find out mixing, lighting, picture adjustment techniques and a lot more. If a few tips and techniques you’ve discovered here are helpful, please help spread them into the entire world. Com/photo-manipulation-tutorials/ Photoshop Tutorial: Master Polygons Part 1 Get some of these tutorial documents here go out to Ryan Barber with this tutorial. See more of his job in Step 1 The first phase involves tracing a collection of triangles on top of a picture, in Adobe Illustrator. Make a new file at inches x 10 inches. Create a Lone Ranger Photo Manipulation Create a Lone Ranger Photo Manipulation If you’re new to photo manipulation then you not be familiar with techniques such as mixing, lighting and picture alterations. In today’s lesson we are going to create a lone 50 brilliant photo manipulation tutorials to understand photoshop like a pro – range photo manipulation, with a stunning landscape and an old cowboy. Tutorial: Creating Fabric- Photoshopcontest. Com By: ReyRey inside this tutorial ReyRey shows us just how to make a billowing fabric from scratch. Measure 1 The Way To Make a Realistic Money Effect in Photoshop The classic illustration style used on money is something I’ve always wanted to figure out how to replicate Photoshop. There’s a lot of Photoshop tutorials which show how to create a fundamental halftone line result, but they never quite capture that true engraved look with plenty of shading and tone. After a lot of trial and error I’ve eventually managed to find it out, so here is an in depth tutorial on how to create a sensible cash illustration impact on Photoshop (with some help from Illustrator! ) . The result we’ll be producing in the modern tutorial is this classic engraved or etched illustration design that builds the tonal regions of a picture with a great deal of tiny lines. Unlike the fundamental halftone line impact used in different tutorials, this method actually uses wavy and curved lines that change in weight to produce a precise replica of this traditional illustration technique. Input 4mm from the Size option and use 11 ridges from the settings. Eye Sharpening – Photoshop Tutorial By using this tutorial you can create beautiful, glowing eyes within minutes. First retouch, correct levels and perform all necessary colour corrections on your image

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